Garment processing

Garment processing

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Garment processing

Fashion is today incomplete without denim. It comes in all forms, looks and washes to match with every occasion. A number of technological factors have contributed to making denim the fashion icon that it is today – including vast improvements in spinning, weaving, finishing etc. However, one of the most important part of creation of the beautiful denim jeans is the washing. Washing of denim fabric gives "Used" or "Vintage" look to the garments. This is due to the varying degree of abrasion in the garment.

Washed / processed jeans can go through many processes to achieve realistic fading effect or other special wash effects.

Washing makes the denim garments more supple so that it fits comfortably.

Different kind of machines are being used across the globe to hit similar results.

Every small step in denim washing makes a big difference because indigo dye has very poor wet and dry rubbing fastness. All parameters are critical to maintain for repetitive results. Many laundries across the Globe ignore the importance of pH, the liquor ration and the R P M of machine.

AVCO covers all  important steps in the process of Denim Washing 

  1. Pre treatment ( Desizing, Rinsing, Scouring etc)
  2. Enzyme or Stone wash
  3. Clean up to adjust the desire effect
  4. Bleaching
  5. Tinting / Dyeing
  6. Printing (include discharge printing)
  7. Softening & Much more…..
  8. Special effects

Besides denim, Avcochem also has a full range of products for garment washing such as:

  1. Anti back staining
  2. Pigment or dyestuff dyeing with wash-out effect.
  3. Shiny effect
  4. 3-D effect
  5. Easy care effect
  6. Finishing with all kinds of desired touch.

 Post-treating the garment by washing technologies for fashion purposes is now more and more popular and Avcochem’s products is the best choice.