Rainbow is Avco preferable colour!

A special compound soaping agent which is very efficient in removing the unreacted dyes fixation of hydrolysate in the chromophore, but no influence on the dyes formed by fiber covalent binding.

Properties & uses:

  • Has the decomposition ability which affects on the solution of hydrolyzed dyes and the unbounded dyes on the fibre surface, but does not makeany adverse effect over the covalent binding of the dyes and the shade
  • Has excellent ability of removing floating color in the washing bath, enhancing the washing fastness, perspiration fastness and wet rubbing fastness of dyed fabrics
  • Can effectively improve the soaping effect, no bubble in use
  • Using the product is very economical, it can shorten the after reactive dyeing process to achieve the water/ energy/ time saving effect
  • Easy and simple in handling, safe in use
  • More environmental protection, helps the waste water treatment easier and more saving


  • Nonionic

Tags: Woven & Knits , Cotton & Blends
  • Low foaming detergent
  • Anionic/ Nonionic
  • Polyester & Triacetate & Blends
  • Woven & Knits
  • A surfactant especially manufactured to remove and suspend residual disperse dyes, from printed and dyed polyester, triacetate and blends of these fibres
  • Prevent staining disperse dyes on cotton part in dyeing process of Pe/ Co blended fabric
  • Preparation of sunfactants and protective colloids
  • Anionic/ Nonionic
  • Polyamide & Blends
  • Woven & Knits
  • A surfactant specially manufactured to remove and suspend residual acid dyes from printed and dyed polyamide fabrics
  • Effectively remove synthetic and natural thickener from printed fabrics
  • Compound of organic and inorganic polymers
  • Anionic
  • Cotton & Viscose & Blends
  • Woven & Knits
  • A non- surface active dispersing agent used for the washing- off of cellulosic fabrics printed/ dyed with reactive dyes.
  • Non foaming at all
  • Liquid form
  • Anionic
  • Woven & Knits
  • Cotton & Blends
  • An alkali donor and buffer
  • Use for dyeing cellulosis fibres with reactive dyestuff in Jet, winch and jigger machines
  • It ensures a stable pH level, and consequently produces a very uniform fixation of dyestuffs onto cellulosic fibres
  • Granular form
  • Anionic
  • Woven & Knits
  • Cotton & Blends
  • Iroganic akali buffer
  • Controls the pH in the reactive dyeing liquor through the whole dyeing process
  • Non-foaming at all
  • Anionic
  • Woven & Knits
  • Cotton & Blends
  • For all types of exhaust dyeing machines (jets, jiggers, winches and drum machines)
  • For reactive dyeings which can improve dyed fabric appearance and assure better reproducibility of the dyeing results
  • Free from formaldehyde
  • Cationic
  • Woven & Knits
  • Cotton & Blends
  • Remarkably improve the colour fastness for excellent formaldehyde free fixing agent for turquoise and blue shades of reactive dyes
  • The light fastness and the fastness to wet fading is not effected or only slightly
  • Brown yellowish transparent viscous liquid
  • Cationic/ Nonionic
  • Woven & Knits
  • Cotton & Blends
  • A formaldehyde free fixing agent for improving wash & perspiration fastness of red, coffee, black and other deep shade of reactive dyed cotton fabrics
  • Little effect on the shade of treated fabrics