Water treatment

Water treatment

Water treatment

As a result of urban development, growing industrialization and large-scale irrigation, ever-increasing amounts of water are needed. Wastewater treatment, drinking water production and industrial water recycling have therefore become central to ensuring sustainable development of cities and provinces. Therefore, effective solutions and responses tailored to match individual operating conditions are always needed and required.

Our polymers suit to all types of treatment, from production of drinking water to sludge dewatering.

Our technical and engineering teams are working with their best efforts to assure our customers of an optimal selection of suitable reagents and technical follow-up.

Product range:

AVFLOC -  Polyacrylamides and high-performance flocculants.

AVQUAT - Organic and inorganic coagulants.

AVSOBAN - Heavy metal chelators.

AVDORAN - Anti-odorants and anti-H2S reagents.

AVPERSAN - Dispersants and anti-scalants.

AVFOAM - Silicone and non-silicone anti-foams.