AVCO is active in manufacturing and marketing auxiliaries for textile and textile care, coating and paper industries, chemicals for water treatment, and cleaning products for laundry, home care and I&I.

The annual production capacity is 6000 Tons.

Modern production tools, packing & storage facilities helped AVCO to reach a rapid growth in Vietnam and establish production sites, warehouses and sales offices around the world namely: Brazil, Egypt, France, Israel, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, UK, USA & Vietnam.

Our teams are working at developing innovative and sustainable products to contribute to our customers' success, and to preserve the natural resources.

We are concerned with the smallest details to assure the best exchange of knowledge and experience with our customers.



Being nowadays a player in the chemical industry is not an easy task.

Either they are part of our daily life, chemicals are continuously criticized as being dangerous: chemicals can ignite or explode. They can corrode, poison fish and oceans and damage plants, etc. Chemicals can also harm the health of human beings.

But there are dramatic changes in our understanding of how avoid chemicals harming us.  Since decades, the chemicals producers are more concerned by the green or sustainable chemistry that applies across the life cycle of a chemical product, including its design, manufacture, and use.

The recent years have witness serious restrictions on the use of toxic chemicals in contact with textile. Standards have been created to assess the chemicals and the fabric. The use of chemicals, water and energy is increasingly under attack: the stringent European environmental legislation obliges producers to radically reduce their consumption of water and energy and the recently introduced REACH directive imposes restraints on the use of hazardous chemical substances. Moreover, changing societal needs are compelling the industry to work in a more conscious, innovative, sustainable and flexible way. It goes without saying that this has to be done - in view of the globalisation - in an economically responsible manner.

Green and sustainable chemistry solutions include the substitution of dangerous chemicals with alternatives that are safe.

New chemical generation and optimized textile processes help in saving water, time and energy that results in improving the quality and the production capacity while maintaining a comfortable environment for the labour.

Since 1973, AVCO has taken pride in producing high-quality chemicals to cope with the textile industry needs and changes.

Through our focus on our core values, continuous innovation and exceptional service and rigorous delivery we strive to constantly increase customer satisfaction and provide added value to client relationships.