Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Service Offerings


. Selecting the right chemicals and the right recipes are not enough but understand the variables in such a fast changing requirement

of the market is crutial to maintain standard with minimum cost incremental.

. Our technical team are the backbone of our service offering. Most of our technician has strong technical and production background

who are always available at your disposal for any technical issues you may face.


. It’s a high hidden cost that most businesses underestimate when it comes to shortage of chemicals. Thanks to our long established

Customer base and also our participation in most of textile production processes, we have second to none advantage of stock availaility in

The market we operate.

. It is a must for us that we understand your business and your specific needs so that we prepare enough stock for immediate delivery even without your clear planning.


. Strong understanding and experience of the industry characteristics and movement of work around the players, we always plan ahead

for different resources that benefit our customers even in crisis, such as replacement in shortage, extended payment in “dry” season…


. Customization works only when strong control is put in place to ensure stability, risk-free application and adaptability to changes of raw

materials. At AVCOchem, we are fully equipped and experienced to meet most of customization needs either in chemistry related or

process based customization.

. This is one of our strength proven and appreciated by our customers over the decades. 


. Most of businesses are in some stage of expansion and further integrated horizontally or vertically. We understand this needs and

are ready to step in with our expertise and well connected network of technologies related partners around the world.


. Enough nice system but failure in installation and implementation due to the shortfall of actual knowledge of full processes or thorough

accessment of risk involved. We are providing our extended resources of our experienced and systematic based technical team who are

Strongly updated of international practices and success stories around the world.