Product Offerings

Product Offerings

Product Offerings


. We continuously improving our products that out-performed our competitors.

. While there are many factor contributing to performance of a product that could be out of our control, however, we take these factors

as our responsibility to design products that help you control it

. We welcome you to challenge us with stronger products




. Being producer we are able to offer competitive prices without third parties’ cost

. Large customer based and established customer based give us volume based production and thus we can pass on this benefit

. Global purchase and sourcing help our lowest price of RM

. Our prices are flexible to volume



. The right products offered by our experienced and technical based team ensure minimum dosage with best required performance

. While the biggest saving is from the optimum processes and control of reprocesses, we pay attention to small savings that would be big

When adding them up such as minimum water content, unnessesary ingredients formalation, economical packing and return of packing…



. Our full range of textile auxiliries and colors give you the one stop shop of all your chemicals needs

. Compatibility of chemicals is importance to ensure maximum performance of the recipes and lowering disputing of fault and risk

. The more numbers of products you are using from us, the more services and solution we can offer you



. We are highly complied to ZDHC, Okotex 100, GOTS, REACH and most of international required standards

. Some process in textile manufacturing has higher risk of failure to standard than the others. While there is little that chemicals can do

However, we understand this risk and we can help you with preventive action and transferring the full knowledge of the risk to you.