Laundry &home care

Laundry &home care

Laundry &home care

Avco Chem’s water soluble polymers are used in a wide range of industries, including personal care, home care , building and construction, adhesive and coating, and ect. 

Polymer material for laundry and home care

1. Laundry care

AVSOFT H range: Cationic Thickener for farbric softener

Limit static cling

Improve Iron glide

Reduce wrinkle formation during washing

Improve wrinkle removal after washing

Enhance stain protection

Bring a fresh Fragrance

Color protection

Fabric shape retention

AVPERSAN range: Dispersing agent for laundy powder

2. Home care

AVGEL HP range: Anionic Thickener for Home care


Hard surface cleaner


Toilet bowl cleaner

Hand gel sanitizer

Tire dressing and car polish

Automatic dishwashing cleaner

Burning paste and fire starter