1. Polymer material for adhesive and coating applications

AVFLUID C range: Inverse Emuslion Polymers (LDP) as rheology modifier in Adhesives & Coating Applications

* Easy to Handle:

  • Addition at any stage of formulating, including post-addition.
  • Single or multiple addition in process

*Fexibility to Use:

  • Efficient in wide range of pH (preventing any negative impact due to pH variation)
  • LDP post-addition is possible when final viscosity adjustment is needed
  • Excellent stability to Salts, Temperature…

* Faster Process:

  • Rapid increase in viscosity during the mixing in water
  • No neutralization / No maturation times are required to develop viscosity

* Cost Saving:High concentrated product (up to 60%): storage and transport

 Cost effective thickener (against ASE, HASE, cellulosic derivatives, …)

2. Polymer material for fibre glass coating

AVPRINT G range :For this application, our polymers are used as water blocking protective agents avoiding the contact of fiberglass with water if breakages of cables. From the listed polymers as following:

  • Superabsorbents: Fines of acrylic acid homoplymer based superabsorbents are the most used for this application instead of copolymer based superabsorbants. In fact acryli cacid SAP have a better absorption, wettability and also thermal resistance and UV resistance.
  • Copolymer acrylic acid/acrylamide :Floprint type of products (AVPRINT G-411, AVPRINT G-412) have the common advantage with to act as water blocking when coated around the fiberglass. It has also a real advantage in terms of pricing regarding SAP.

2. High performance polymer coating on resilient and hardened surfaces

 a. Polymer coating on flexiblle and hard floor

Water-based, silicone acrylic emulsion with slip-controlling additives. It creates an exellent film which is very glossy and well protects floor surfaces. The product can be applied on such floor material as PVC, vinyl, epoxy, rubber, wood, leather, linoleum, marble, granite and non-porous stone.


The key features are:

  • Very safe for human and the environment
  • Good alcohol, dirt and chemical resistance
  • Transparent and glossy top coat film
  • High durability
  • Good resistance to detergent but still easily removable by stripping agent