Fibre glass coating

Fibre glass coating

Fibre glass coating

AVPRINT G range:

For this application, our polymers are used as water blocking protective agents avoiding the contact of fiberglass with water if breakages of cables. From the listed polymers as following:

Superabsorbents: Fines of acrylic acid homoplymer based superabsorbents are the most used for this application instead of copolymer based superabsorbants. In fact acryli cacid SAP have a better absorption, wettability and also thermal resistance and UV resistance.

Copolymer acrylic acid/acrylamide :

Floprint type of products (AVPRINT G-411, AVPRINT G-412) have the common advantage with to act as water blocking when coated around the fiberglass. It has also a real advantage in terms of pricing regarding SAP